English study – useful phrases

1. take advantage of: tận dụng, lợi dụng cái gì
E.g: In this fast-changing world, many peope worry that they are out of fashion, which is often taken advantage of by some advertisement designers to boost the sales of their products.
2. suffer from: chịu đựng điều gì
E.g: Nowadays, people face fierce competition and suffer from great pressure, and they have to devote more time and energy to their work.
3. take something for granted: xem cái gì là điều đương nhiên
E.g: Many people take it for granted that water is plentiful, but it is common that many countries experience water scarcity.
4. give priority to: ưu tiên việc gì
E.g: Most companies would give priority to their survival and development in the competitive world.
5. be addicted to: nghiện cái gì
E.g: Some people are addicted to making friends on the Internet, but they become isolated in the real world.
6. give rise to: dẫn tới, gây ra cái gì
E.g: The consumption of fuel and raw materials has been growing, which gives rise to severe shortage of energy and resources.
7. make the most of: tận dụng cái gì
E.g: Students should make the most of their time in schools in order to be able to find a decent job.